Fools R.R.

I have to admit I am a dedicated Railfan of the former “Southern Pacific” Rail Road. It had been the largest RR in the USA until the Clinton admin allowed the Union Pacific the 2nd largest at the time in 1996 to gobble up and absorb the S.P.

I suppose this is the faithful and quite old S.P. that remains in my heart as a Railfan.

Many of you who were around in the early 1990’s will remember these photos.

And if you were here in the pre 70’s 1960’s growing up as I did, you may remember seeing these.

Those F unit designs brings us back to the late 1940’s thru the 1950’s. The Bloody Nose Paint Scheme appeared in the mid 1950’s.

Sentimental aye. Well, these days the State and its railroad are preparing to destroy many lives in what I must chime in is a grossly misplaced plan. John and Ken exposed many faults and how politics has pushed this ill-conceived notion when better alternatives are available. Heidi Cuda, the lovely reporter from FOX did an expose of this and people up and down the state of California are screaming for what can be done right, but is being done completely wrong by the state of California. So lets ask a real and long time Railfan how it should be handled.

Mister “Sebassh” how should they do this railroad?

Easy, let the Mainstream Railroads handle transportation in a free market and provide passenger service, including a High Speed train. Use existing right of ways or build right next to them (did you get that you idiots of this project) build next to existing RR’s and do it along the I-5 Corridor. Let connector services from the Central Valley connect. Here is the best way to do this.

San Diego to Los Angeles. Los Angeles to Mid San Joaquin Valley Station. Mid Valley Station To Oakland and done. Yes just like that. Move the RR to go along the I-5. Let connector lines from Bakersfield and Fresno and Stockton connect. That’s it. The HS Rail ends in Oakland. If they wanna visit S.F. let them take a local Bart. The main purpose of this is to move people between L.A. and the Bay area fast!

Instead, Governor “Baldy” and the commies running California are screwing even this thing up. I mean why not go through every city and level businesses left and right. Right Jerry Brown. That is what has been forgotten and the latter at today’s crux of this issue. California is broke. It is run by thugs who don’t know how to do anything except stealing and this is just another preview of why people are leaving the once truly Golden State in droves. They can’t get away fast enough. If the legislators really wanna put a High Speed train to use. Might I recommend it be from L.A. to the Arizona border. That way, they can facilitate in high speed Californians abandoning a state that is destined for bankruptcy because of this group of thugs running it.

Here, ya want to really see the California Legislators in action, here they are, which is why this state is almost toasted.

Anyhow this is much simpler to make work then how the monkeys in Sacramento and the committee over seeing this has made it. Again guys.

SD to

LA to

Mid SJ Valley to

Oakland – DONE!

Thanks Heidi…for your hard work on this RR. Too bad they still don’t get it.



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4 responses to “Fools R.R.

  1. myfoxmystere

    Baldy? Moonbeam’s new name?

    • This governor besides looking like a crook,liar,scamartist and general thug acts like those traits as well. His head looks like Mt. Baldy during the summertime.

  2. myfoxmystere

    I remember the Southern Pacific Railroads. Union Pacific pulled the lines from my area in Northwest Orange County from Stanton to Paramount. Too bad they pulled the lines; they could have made them back into commuter rail lines, and perhaps bought back some land that SP sold when SP pulled their lines from Stanton to Santa Anaa back in the 1970s. UP could have made a profit by having a commuter line using that diagonal trail.

    • The federal government forced all the private railroads to pool their cars and then killed the private passenger service in favor of a national line called Amtrak. Today it loses money hand over fist, has rat and roach infested cars plus bad people get on some trains too. The private railroads did a grand job back in the day. A shame it is all gone, but then again, government breaks everything it does…right 😉

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