Remembering Paula

I think one of the sweetest American icons is Miss Paula Abdul. Here is a pretty lady who is sharp witted and smart. Has proven her career over and over and I feel been taken advantage of by one of the biggest ego’d talents in the music and entertainment iz, Mr. Simon Cowell. Now I actually have agreed with most of what Simon has said. His comments though at times harsh are usually spot on, no matters what damage they cause. I like to think of Simon as the Colonel Tavington of the competition reality shows. You remember the good Colonel played by Jason Isaacs

Miss Abdul was forced out of American Idol because of the bucks and many Americans were not happy. Let me tell you that one for sure. There were I am sure other factors, but I remembered the producers of that show shorting her on pay while giving the others raises especially the show host. She was the soul of the show and Simon was the antics with the Dawg as the anchor. All three actually worked super well together. Once they had cut Paula (The Heart) out of the show, it was never the same again. Ironically when Paula left, a season or two later Simon was gone as well.

Musical Hosts. Then American Idol began its death spiral towards the bottom pulling in other big names which incidentally cost much more than Paula ever did, to prop up the show’s ratings in the face of the spiraling X-Factor on FOX and while I am at it. Simon’s biggest mistake was in pulling Paula from her new CBS show to X-Factor and then cutting her a season later. When Paula was gone from that show, notice how it began to tank. What Simon did was substitute America’s Sweetheart and adored Darling of a real gem with a Hollyslut. Simon kept talking up the stah-powah of the Hollyslut while forgetting the past that really counted. Then more hands changed on the show. and now it is doing what American Idol is doing…TANKING!

Whenever America’s favorite Darling ever wants to seriously get a dance show going, Paula, talk to me, follow me on twitter and then you will be given the universe at your feet, why. Because you truly are Americas favorite. I can show you a show format that will work, cost a miniscule amount compared to the mega shows you’ve been on, pull ratings, garner audience participation and once again, restore you and the American public as the family they truly are, not the tinseltown phonies 😉


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