The Dorothy Decision

You know, this weekend I was talking with family and friends. I have often been critical and quite rigid on Dorothy Lucey and Jillian. But after reading more of why she was canned on GDLA, I now must actually stun everyone and tada…take Dorothy’s side on two fronts.

Those who have read my posts know my opinions can be harsh. Remember though that I am a GDLA viewer and thus a customer, and have a right especially as a member of the viewing public to criticize her or anyone else that abuses the mass media and myself as a disenfranchised viewer. It is my belief that within certain limits I have these rights, separate from defaming or threatening another of course falsely. So my place remains assured to criticize what occurs.

But in keeping, I have explained it was very different for a co-worker such as Misses Jillian Reynolds to trash Dorothy on the Howard Stern show especially on religious beliefs and reasons. The main difference here that both women must realize again is I am a member of the public viewing their product which is their performance on the public airwaves so my criticisms harsh as they are remain of that very acceptable nature.

In Jillian’s case however, there is a very different standard here. She was not criticizing Dorothy based on how Dorothy conducted herself to a viewing customer which I am. She was criticizing Dorothy on the basis as a co-worker and a more personal difference. Quite a contrast when you consider how and why it exists and was delivered. So as I have stated before in this case I wholly support Misses Lucey’s views on this strange as it may seem coming from someone who has been in the past harshly critical. But wait, I am just getting started here.

What really gets me peeved and there might be a legal argument here is this. I can see Dorothy getting fired for talking about sex and kids or her boobs on public airwaves and TV or perhaps reprimanded. But having read she was canned because her voice was raspy by a new show producer really, really, really peeves me off bigtime. That is discrimination against someone for their physical properties and that doesn’t wash with me. In this case I side fully with Dorothy against the producer as this was if based on her voice, a grave injustice. Like I said, I have been harshly critical of her for sexualizing morning content particularly about her anatomy, and as a member of the public viewing this on public airwaves am entitled to my criticisms. But if she was fired for her voice, this completely changes it around and it also greatly shifts my viewpoints on her as well, since a grave injustice would have been performed here and that is my stance on this issue. As for Misses Reynolds, she really needs to move on to a more hip show and let new talents onto GDLA. That show itself requires a complete top to bottom reformat once the FOX execs take their time to realize who their viewing customers really are which by the looks of things, they have not done so far.

One final note here. I always call it as I see it. I did not author this post to get sympathy from Misses Lucey about past comments. Just that I try to be upfront and honest in my blog comments and I am not looking to be in good graces here. Just that I see a grave injustice if she was fired for her voice by some scumbag whose eyes bleed. If he has bleeding eyes, he oughta to go to an Optometrist and stop trying to blame people for bloodshot eyes like these…



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2 responses to “The Dorothy Decision

  1. That is true because he is thus discriminating against her based on a physical attribute. California will not take lightly to that. I wonder if she ever got a tweet and read this posting stunning as it may be to her. Well, I am sure she will eventually. Aside her from her outrageous sexualizing of GDLA, I don’t really have anything else against her, just that those antics probably helped in some ways to lowers the viewership at a time when broadcast viewers are dwindling anyhow. I would have to peg GDLA’s format as the real underlying culprit for the ratings dip, not so much Dorothy or Jillian.

  2. myfoxmystere

    If what Dorothy says is true, then the executive has opened up a Pandora’s box.

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