Smokin’ Liz

Smoking hot Liz Habib sets fire on Fox’s KTTV afternoon broadcasts. See Liz, the Fox exec’s favorite it is rumored here on the news.

Studio 11’s sizzling format has proven a boon to Liz’s career besides the sports and occasional weather she has performed at FOX during the later newscasts with Christine Devine.

I had never really covered it much though I have watched her on newscasts periodically over the years at FOX. Smooth, polished with a renewed vigor and fiery in her anchoring eyes, she bring a feisty firebrand to the show that livens it up quite a lot and reminds me a lot of Peter Jennings style in an ironic sense. I believe that Liz’s career will be quite long lived and go quite far for many years to come. Besides being a very beautiful anchor, she brings a feisty witty style and tenacity that has been lacking since the days of Peter Jennings.



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6 responses to “Smokin’ Liz

  1. I don’t know what it is with Araksya, but she reminds me of a blackwidow spider. Pretty young lady, witty, but I just see a blackwidow body with the head on it, slowly crawling the news web searching for news victims. Not trying to be mean though 😛 Mar Yvette reminds me of a 1962 Vintage Corvette with a hot V8 Engine…she seems like a real fireball, my imagination aye. You do realize that Liz was arrested or some skirmish in Phoenix on a Drunken charge or something like that. I remembered reading about it. Comments vary on her career past either pro or con. I think though, that she has a solid future and home with KTTV hopefully. Heidi and her pretty smile 😉 see Heidi I snuck one in for ya 😀 then there is a very polished pro who I see in Lauren Sivan. I think the KTTV execs are nuts for not anchoring her a spot asap. Same with Gina Silva on the morning show. In fact my format proposal to reformat the show for 2 hours would incorporate Gina Silva and Lauren opposite each other in the second hour anchors. Lisa Breck and Lauren Sanchez for the first hour. It would be an awesome show with GDLA.

  2. myfoxmystere

    Liz continues to rock the news on Fox News At 7 on KCOP/13.

  3. myfoxmystere

    Prior to LA, Liz worked in Phoenix Arizona…they’re upset to this day about losing Liz to Fox 11.

  4. myfoxmystere

    I must not forget Maria, Araksya, Mar Yvette and Courtney to top it off!

  5. Yeah I agree. FOX KTTV has a great bunch of ladies and guys too.

  6. myfoxmystere

    Liz, Gigi, Christine, Gina, Lisa, Heidi and the 2 Laurens rock the news!

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