Where is Los Angeles Mayor?

Well, we all have to ask where Mayor Tallywhacker is, the dumbest person to hold office in the history of world politics. Someone who is such a scoundrel, that even other scoundrels feel pimped by this swishing toilet turd rotating counter clockwise in the bowels of anal politics.

This low-life scumbag that cheats on women with cancer while preaching family values dares to stain conservative values nationally. Did he mention how he did a favor for a rich guy to get the rich guy’s son out of jail for selling drugs to members of the public? No, and why? Because he’s a Mexican Gang Banger who supports La Raza “The Race” and Mecha but to name a few Mexican racist groups, and if you say I am racist for mentioning it…I have Latino blood. In fact this Mayor who ignores his crumbling city thinks Latinos should vote in overwhelming numbers for communists. After all, Mexican socialists like those who have ruined Mexico go hand-in-hand with American communists, just ask Mayor Tallywhacker’s small head.

See, here’s the problem. This stupid idiot instead of fixing Los Angeles problems and issues to make life better for people has been busy feathering his own personal nest like a THUG while people’s lives in Los Angeles are getting trashed and destroyed. This is not fiction folks, they are FACTS!

Honestly, what Mayor Tallywhacker should use as his motto since he seems so proud is “I’ll do for the country what I did for Los Angeles,” which of course is nothing but bring misery. The Democraps hiring this guy, just goes to show how very low their political party has fallen, scrapping for the bottom of the toilet bowl.


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  1. Quick note, this Mayor blurting in Spanish instead of English to Latinos.

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