Is Clemenza an Over fried Ravioli?

Tonight marks the near end to Hell’s Kitchen Season 10. Yes I have watched this series for ten seasons. Tonight comes to the near end with two contestants remaining. Michelle and Justin. Here is the ultimate key to consider. “Michelle is not a leader.” If Chef Ramsey has watched his own episodes he will have spotted this numerous times and Barbi is the key here. Here is why I bring up this very valid point. A true leader makes decisions that are on sound standing. Nominating Barbi in a “Clique” of the peers in the girls circle was Michelle. You did not honestly find this with Justin. That being the case, Michelle under peer pressure made a decision in an earlier episode to nominate Barbi over another contestant whose performance was worse. Thus this happened on several occasions including ignoring Barbi as well when she offered to help Michelle in a recent episode. What this showed was that a leader in Michelle did not exist. A true leader would have accepted the offer graciously and also not nominated a person based on a clique decision rather than a sound one.

Ultimately, while Ramsey has a decision to make which may well have already been made, Michelle should lose based on this. In Justin’s case his decision making remained sound. In cooking, he also appears a bit more advanced than Michelle as well. The big key comes down though to the final showing. There is Robyn and Clemenza, the two remaining leftover variables. Honestly speaking, when Robyn is at her game, she does quite well, with a personality disorder from hell. Clemenza on the other hand displays in my humble viewers opinion, dementia which incidentally rhymes with Clemensia.

Ultimately though, no matters what antics occur, Ramsey must side with the chef…off show….who will run his restaurant and that is Justin, hands down. While it is a show, off camera, the winner must have leadership skills and Michelle lacks that. There are a couple of other factors working against Michelle as well. 1.) Is the Dana – best friend factor. Does Dana screw-over her friend on the show. Then there is Kimmie and Robyn. Will sparks fly?

O)n the guys you have Rolls “Royce” who is not. I have driven one and this guy is a wannabe of the best order, trust me. Then there is Clemenza, which looks rocky at the start. A nice guy who means well, but seems to wonder off into lala cooking land.

Ultimately though the leader remains Justin and my pick is him if sanity and Gordon Ramsey show they are making the right decision.


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