Tallywhacker Continues to Spurt Off in Public.

Stupidity of this order is less than an amoeba. In fact a nucleus has more thought than this piece of work. You guessed it. Mayor Tallywhacker, the little head that tries to think but can’t do much better than chasing news skirts of a Latina origin continues to sink his future ( šŸ˜‰ not that he really has any left ) with stupid remarks. This crap bowl feces of the lowest political order can’t stop yapping away as his CaRear politically will end up counter clockwise in here…

Swirling around for comments like these.


Here, listen to this moron and see how many times he has to say uh, umm, oh and other two letter word. How about a three letter word so he can go to the toilet like he is making an “ASS” of himself constantly now.

But then again, that’s why the dumbest person to ever hold offices is a Democrap National Spokeshole.


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