Hollyslut Number 1

Yes, everyone’s favorite Lindsey Lohan is back in the news to entertain the general public at large. Grand thefts, hit and runs, bouncing boobs that practically fall out on TV and endless nuances. Something that can make a former entertainment reporter proud and employed again  😮 Then you probably wonder who Hollyslut number 2 is. Think of a French city and a name might come to mind. How about number 3? I like to think of singers that resemble a lance for fishing. But these are nothing compared to the Hollywood Hasbeens. Take Ellen Barkin whose name resembles something a dog does. Her biggest claim to fame were numerous flicks and she has been (put those two words together again 😉 )a fair actress at best. Nothing to speak volumes about unless it’s bouncing on a black guy with no panties underneath for an Interracial scene, or shooting her big mouth off, wishing people dead such as Republicans or those supporting them. Hey Ellen, didn’t anyone ever tell you that what goes around comes around! Maybe you ought to wish the new people well for a change since your communist buddies have completely damaged this country on purpose.

Then there is Samuel L. Jackoff who also can’t stop hating the original America for providing him a lifestyle that the majority of folks will never get. That is unless you are a communist in Hollywood. Just ask Steven Spielschmuck who adores Castro or Sean Putz who thinks Hugo Chavez is great. How about Jeffrey Kuntzenberg, Spielschmuck’s partner in making failing flicks? ET was what, 32 years ago, and Close Encounters; we are almost 4 decades back already. Jurassic Park, think of Jurassic films, cause that remains what they are today. George Looney, another communist scumbag who has profited from the United States of America and a Capitalist system while bemoaning others, and it doesn’t stop there. These whackjob nutty commies are exactly what they are, communists who want the original America to fall and you to become a communist slave while they continue to enjoy a lifestyle way far above the average American citizen.

What needs to be done today is we need in fact the countries people are screaming for McCarthy II and a list of every communist scumbag out to destroy this country from within. We need a list of THEM! So that we can begin cleaning this country of communists once and for all. Send them to the little FAT BASTARD in North Korea, what’s his name. Kim Skunk Ill, I would be too if I had a daddy like his. Yeah send all the commies there and let them plow his rice patties for food. God only knows, they can use what little food they have. Meanwhile, America, love it or leave it baby!


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