Schmuck at the RNC.

The dumbest asshole in political history.

Dumbest Mayor in world history!

Someone so dumb that a piece of turd swirling counter-clockwise in a toilet bowl is smarter than this guy. The dumbest person to hold office in the history of the entire world. A guy who smiles while he cheated on his wife and kids. Yes, you guessed it. It is Los Angeles Mayor at this writing, “Mayor Tallywhacker” because he thinks with the wrong head. This schmuck of the lowest Petzle order went to the floor of the RNC convention in Tampa across the country on your tax dollar dime while the list of what is broken in Los Angeles continues to grow. Under this political petsy, this puta of a politician, this entire city has gone downhill. The newsmedia covers for this scumbag but honestly, go walk on a sidewalk at a 60 degree angle. Streets with ditches, forget the average small potholes. He wants a million trees. He hasn’t mentioned that only four guys trim millions of trees with a 20 plus year backlog in the SFV. Got a crime issue. Call 911, cops may get there in about an hour or two if you are lucky to even get one. He tripled the taxes of your trashcans when he got into office. The DWP gets a pay raise almost quarterly. He cancelled the decades traditional Van Nuys airshow. He made L.A. a sanctuary city for ILLEGAL ALIENS (foreign invader racists) who will take your resources, and he chases young newswomen when he was married. He is a lying cheating scumbag of the lowest common denominator and he doesn’t stop there. He says stupid things too. He even has a favorite word “Umm”…here to download and listen.

Wants higher taxes. This is a total asshole as far as I am concerned and anyone who votes for this stupid idiot deserves what they get. Watch more on him. He is very, very STUPID!

In this one, he talks to a younger audience. He also needs to tell them how he made Los Angeles a better city while he has been Mayor…NOT!

Here is the Mayor’s guy running the animal shelters of L.A.

Okay the video above is great. The best way to turn anything around is by not electing dumb people like this guy. Here he is preaching family values. Want family values from him, watch the links below. He cheated on a wife ill with cancer and kids.

This lovely lady didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was.
Let’s put a face on this…okay. The lovely misses Raigosa.

Now here is the scumbag.

Uh yes Mayor your life details do count when you are responsible for a city of millions. If you cannot run a marriage how can you run a city? That from a native of Los Angeles.

He is above the law. While you were told to let your lawns and fauna die around your home, this asshole wasn’t.

This guy has no end to his seedy scandals. Here, watch a few of these.

With this dumbass it goes on and on. Google or youtube it and he has a trail of crap that doesn’t end. Just vote no on Mayor Tallywhacker.


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