Okay so a Dorothy Wrap up.

I honestly have said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Dorothy got her self fired partially, but it was also in the works too because of the perfect storm for her. Yes she was prostituting herself on public TV sort of. Yes it pissed off viewers.  Yes FOX has been cutting jobs to save bucks. Yes FOX and CBS were hauled before a court for the corrupted FCC on decency on the public airwaves. Yes the ratings for Good Day LA were dropping faster than a turd in a toilet bowl…swish! And finally yes, all these were factors and one particular factor that was beyond Dorothy’s control but not the KTTV FOX execs. That is a dying old format.

GDLA’s format is still broken and not being fixed. I actually take Dorothy’s side against the residential (and she’s proud to be one, so she’s hinted in the past) whore, Misses Jillian Reynolds. Yes Jillian is trying to clean up her image to a point. Can she fully? Time will tell. Yes since Dorothy for a sexual discussion catalyst on GDLA, is gone. GDLA has toned the sexualizing of the show down quite a bit. I said the sex comments were a major issue with her and since she has been gone it has also been almost all gone, except for a periodic lust from Steve. Okay Steve I know you read these and it’s okay to dream a bit, just don’t let the misses know 😉 (I’ll never live this down with Mister Edwards now :O ) well actually I will. Steve has a great personality.

Anyhow I do take Dorothy’s side on the bad things Jillian said about her. Now you ask about my bad things, right. That is different. To Jillian Dorothy is a co-worker and like a family member sort of. To me and I to her am a viewer, a customer of a product which was her work on public TV. Thus my opinions are that of a customer complaining where as Jillian’s were a co-worker. If Dorothy understands this, then great if not, oh well. I stand by my right to comment as a viewer or customer of a product that was broken.


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