Idiot Thinks People Are Waiting To Elect Him.

If you thought that Governor Baldy…


Was bad, just wait till you get this asshole…



I don’t think in my time in Los Angeles growing up till now, I have ever seen anyone dumber than this asshole and it is backed up by his actions. Sure, he has a nice smile, but that’s about the only thing nice I can say about this corrupted lying public official. An ex gang banger who still wears gang tattoos and a racist as well. He pouts Latinos first. Now wait you say, you can’t make a statement like that. I am Latino in heritage so yes I can and will. If he had stayed true to his wife and kids as a “REAL” family man my respect would have been higher. But this guy besides being the biggest lying sack of crap, has also been caught in scandals such as stadium tickets for favors amongst some and the list of how badly the entire city outskirts is under his and the Dickheads on the L.A. City Council speak volumes. In fact from those running this state into the abyss to the City, it all sucks bigtime. Don’t believe me, just walk the streets of the L.A. area. Look at the suburbs once nice, filled with thugs toting machine guns and streets, sidewalks that are crumbling. A DWP who gets a raise in rates every quarter now, sometimes more often, so they can cover their junkets and pensions. It is endless and only gets worse.

What Tallywhacker should say to state voters is “come look at L.A.” as his pitch slogan, ending with “I’ll do for the state and you what I did for my family and city.” Because if people are dumb enough to put this filth into office, they will get more crap than they deserve and possibly further lose their state to the thuggish scumbags or worse. This is what Tallywhacker should be doing.

I have always thought this is where a Tallywhacker belongs especially this one.

Mayor Tallywhacker’s Home



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2 responses to “Idiot Thinks People Are Waiting To Elect Him.

  1. Wait till you flush the political voting lever 😉

  2. myfoxmystere

    Ewwww! Tallywhacko’s home? Heeeee-yikes!

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