The key to growing great crops of figs is a number of variables. First do please consider that fig trees vary a lot. In my case I chose several varieties to grow. These include Black Jack, Black Mission, Panache and Thompson’s Improved Brown Turkey. Of all the fig trees the Turkey fig tree produces the most and also the best tasting though the Black Mission is also great as well.

Fig trees are not seriously demanding in that they require a lot of water. I deep water the base with irrigation three times a week and in extremely hot water also hose the tree down for some cooling. Soil wise, fig trees will grow in most soil types. Ironically, they are not major feeders from what I have found, though it stands to reason that feeding them produces more crops. Most figs start the fruiting process around May and culminate with a first crop in mid to late August, sometimes earlier. This is not the golden rule though for all fig trees as varieties to vary.

My preference is to feed the fig trees about every two weeks during the summer and fall season. I feed them on a 10-10-10 feed and here is what I use.

The results are a harvest of various figs that are quite big and juicy. The Black Mission of my varieties remains the sweetest. The Panache figs which are yellow and green striped are not as sweet tasting, but more of a balanced flavor.

Here is a bowl of my figs. This is the result you get when you do things right.


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