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Hollyslut Number 1

Yes, everyone’s favorite Lindsey Lohan is back in the news to entertain the general public at large. Grand thefts, hit and runs, bouncing boobs that practically fall out on TV and endless nuances. Something that can make a former entertainment reporter proud and employed again  😮 Then you probably wonder who Hollyslut number 2 is. Think of a French city and a name might come to mind. How about number 3? I like to think of singers that resemble a lance for fishing. But these are nothing compared to the Hollywood Hasbeens. Take Ellen Barkin whose name resembles something a dog does. Her biggest claim to fame were numerous flicks and she has been (put those two words together again 😉 )a fair actress at best. Nothing to speak volumes about unless it’s bouncing on a black guy with no panties underneath for an Interracial scene, or shooting her big mouth off, wishing people dead such as Republicans or those supporting them. Hey Ellen, didn’t anyone ever tell you that what goes around comes around! Maybe you ought to wish the new people well for a change since your communist buddies have completely damaged this country on purpose.

Then there is Samuel L. Jackoff who also can’t stop hating the original America for providing him a lifestyle that the majority of folks will never get. That is unless you are a communist in Hollywood. Just ask Steven Spielschmuck who adores Castro or Sean Putz who thinks Hugo Chavez is great. How about Jeffrey Kuntzenberg, Spielschmuck’s partner in making failing flicks? ET was what, 32 years ago, and Close Encounters; we are almost 4 decades back already. Jurassic Park, think of Jurassic films, cause that remains what they are today. George Looney, another communist scumbag who has profited from the United States of America and a Capitalist system while bemoaning others, and it doesn’t stop there. These whackjob nutty commies are exactly what they are, communists who want the original America to fall and you to become a communist slave while they continue to enjoy a lifestyle way far above the average American citizen.

What needs to be done today is we need in fact the countries people are screaming for McCarthy II and a list of every communist scumbag out to destroy this country from within. We need a list of THEM! So that we can begin cleaning this country of communists once and for all. Send them to the little FAT BASTARD in North Korea, what’s his name. Kim Skunk Ill, I would be too if I had a daddy like his. Yeah send all the commies there and let them plow his rice patties for food. God only knows, they can use what little food they have. Meanwhile, America, love it or leave it baby!


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Tallywhacker Going Limp

So the schmuck Mayor Tallywhacker of Los Angeles begins to go limp when called to the political carpet. Remember this is a guy who thinks Latinos must vote for the Democraps and that Women are for Democraps like him. One must remember that Tallywhacker stiffed his wife Veronica Raigosa when she had cancer, but then again, what does one think of a stupid dickhead who can’t run a big city much less a common marriage he took vows to honor personally. In fact, did you all know that Tallywhacker has Banger tattoos from being a former Gang Banger who couldn’t even graduate High School? This dickhead had to get a GED after the fact because he busy banging which is what Tallywhacker is good at. Just ask a Latina reporter or two or three or four or more. If you have Dodger tickets this Mayor will bend over for you, because this is what he is good at as far as I am concerned. Yes Mayor, this is my free speech whether you like it or not and I know you are reading my posts. I am a Los Angeles native and have been all my life. I didn’t go cheating on a wife with cancer like you did, shut down the Van Nuys airshow which ran for more than  half a century since 1928 till you came along. Triple people’s Trash Can Fees (taxes) impose new city taxes, establish trash and water cops to harass people while you act above the law and water your lawns. You sir are a disgusting despicable human being and luckily Los Angeles gets rid of you in July 2013 when you are termed out. Hopefully you can get work scrubbing shit bowls as a janitor like you proclaimed when scathing John and Ken.

Here, watch this asshole in action. He’s so stupid that a piece of turd swirling around counterclockwise makes more sense then Mayor Tallywhacker does.

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Schmuck at the RNC.

The dumbest asshole in political history.

Dumbest Mayor in world history!

Someone so dumb that a piece of turd swirling counter-clockwise in a toilet bowl is smarter than this guy. The dumbest person to hold office in the history of the entire world. A guy who smiles while he cheated on his wife and kids. Yes, you guessed it. It is Los Angeles Mayor at this writing, “Mayor Tallywhacker” because he thinks with the wrong head. This schmuck of the lowest Petzle order went to the floor of the RNC convention in Tampa across the country on your tax dollar dime while the list of what is broken in Los Angeles continues to grow. Under this political petsy, this puta of a politician, this entire city has gone downhill. The newsmedia covers for this scumbag but honestly, go walk on a sidewalk at a 60 degree angle. Streets with ditches, forget the average small potholes. He wants a million trees. He hasn’t mentioned that only four guys trim millions of trees with a 20 plus year backlog in the SFV. Got a crime issue. Call 911, cops may get there in about an hour or two if you are lucky to even get one. He tripled the taxes of your trashcans when he got into office. The DWP gets a pay raise almost quarterly. He cancelled the decades traditional Van Nuys airshow. He made L.A. a sanctuary city for ILLEGAL ALIENS (foreign invader racists) who will take your resources, and he chases young newswomen when he was married. He is a lying cheating scumbag of the lowest common denominator and he doesn’t stop there. He says stupid things too. He even has a favorite word “Umm”…here to download and listen.

Wants higher taxes. This is a total asshole as far as I am concerned and anyone who votes for this stupid idiot deserves what they get. Watch more on him. He is very, very STUPID!

In this one, he talks to a younger audience. He also needs to tell them how he made Los Angeles a better city while he has been Mayor…NOT!

Here is the Mayor’s guy running the animal shelters of L.A.

Okay the video above is great. The best way to turn anything around is by not electing dumb people like this guy. Here he is preaching family values. Want family values from him, watch the links below. He cheated on a wife ill with cancer and kids.

This lovely lady didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was.
Let’s put a face on this…okay. The lovely misses Raigosa.

Now here is the scumbag.

Uh yes Mayor your life details do count when you are responsible for a city of millions. If you cannot run a marriage how can you run a city? That from a native of Los Angeles.

He is above the law. While you were told to let your lawns and fauna die around your home, this asshole wasn’t.

This guy has no end to his seedy scandals. Here, watch a few of these.

With this dumbass it goes on and on. Google or youtube it and he has a trail of crap that doesn’t end. Just vote no on Mayor Tallywhacker.

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Okay so a Dorothy Wrap up.

I honestly have said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Dorothy got her self fired partially, but it was also in the works too because of the perfect storm for her. Yes she was prostituting herself on public TV sort of. Yes it pissed off viewers.  Yes FOX has been cutting jobs to save bucks. Yes FOX and CBS were hauled before a court for the corrupted FCC on decency on the public airwaves. Yes the ratings for Good Day LA were dropping faster than a turd in a toilet bowl…swish! And finally yes, all these were factors and one particular factor that was beyond Dorothy’s control but not the KTTV FOX execs. That is a dying old format.

GDLA’s format is still broken and not being fixed. I actually take Dorothy’s side against the residential (and she’s proud to be one, so she’s hinted in the past) whore, Misses Jillian Reynolds. Yes Jillian is trying to clean up her image to a point. Can she fully? Time will tell. Yes since Dorothy for a sexual discussion catalyst on GDLA, is gone. GDLA has toned the sexualizing of the show down quite a bit. I said the sex comments were a major issue with her and since she has been gone it has also been almost all gone, except for a periodic lust from Steve. Okay Steve I know you read these and it’s okay to dream a bit, just don’t let the misses know 😉 (I’ll never live this down with Mister Edwards now :O ) well actually I will. Steve has a great personality.

Anyhow I do take Dorothy’s side on the bad things Jillian said about her. Now you ask about my bad things, right. That is different. To Jillian Dorothy is a co-worker and like a family member sort of. To me and I to her am a viewer, a customer of a product which was her work on public TV. Thus my opinions are that of a customer complaining where as Jillian’s were a co-worker. If Dorothy understands this, then great if not, oh well. I stand by my right to comment as a viewer or customer of a product that was broken.

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God Damned Flying Bastards!!!

You know. You hear the buzz and this large flying green shiny bug buzzes around you. Why heck…it’s the Shiny Green Fig Beetle and Mister Beetle wants to dine on whatever he can get especially my ripening figs. I cannot stress to those growing figs to harvest early in the morning.

Now everyone in California who has fruit growing can attest to these stupid fat insects. They make a horrendous buzzing noise, wobble all over the place, constantly run into walls, trees and people too. Here is what they look like.

So one of these started playing ring around the rosie with me when I was trying to work in the backyard patio, right. It got so annoying and when he finally hit my right temple and bounced backwards, I had had enough. I swatted that sucker and he fell on the place before the rear door to the home. Now he sputtered for a bit on the concrete and then picked himself up, turned around. As I watched him, I started saying “oh no, please don’t do that.” Then he did it. He got to the edge of the step and hopped into a spider web near the side of the upper step.

Well you can just imagine the delight of the hungry young misses black widow when mister beetle jumped right into her web, then kept twitching. She was so overjoyed, she had to welcome him for dinner and just kept kissing him. Of course mister beetle didn’t want no part of her advances, but he was in a bit of a sticky situation. I guess after a lot of her smooching, he just got tired and fell asleep on her. Of course she got to have a great big dinner, she was so delighted.

On another occasion, one of these always visits the screen on a bathroom window, repeatedly hitting it wanting in. They are quite harmless to humans, just big, noisy and rather bulky in their actions. That aside, they continue to come back. Now some folks will claim these are June bugs, another noisy insect we have had for eons around here. But honestly, they are two differing species altogether. If you keep most foliage that falls from your trees off the ground, this noisy pest who is the worst pilot I have ever seen, will have a rougher go of it producing kids. Anyhow enjoy the videos and yes the bug and spider is a true story.

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The key to growing great crops of figs is a number of variables. First do please consider that fig trees vary a lot. In my case I chose several varieties to grow. These include Black Jack, Black Mission, Panache and Thompson’s Improved Brown Turkey. Of all the fig trees the Turkey fig tree produces the most and also the best tasting though the Black Mission is also great as well.

Fig trees are not seriously demanding in that they require a lot of water. I deep water the base with irrigation three times a week and in extremely hot water also hose the tree down for some cooling. Soil wise, fig trees will grow in most soil types. Ironically, they are not major feeders from what I have found, though it stands to reason that feeding them produces more crops. Most figs start the fruiting process around May and culminate with a first crop in mid to late August, sometimes earlier. This is not the golden rule though for all fig trees as varieties to vary.

My preference is to feed the fig trees about every two weeks during the summer and fall season. I feed them on a 10-10-10 feed and here is what I use.

The results are a harvest of various figs that are quite big and juicy. The Black Mission of my varieties remains the sweetest. The Panache figs which are yellow and green striped are not as sweet tasting, but more of a balanced flavor.

Here is a bowl of my figs. This is the result you get when you do things right.

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Idiot Thinks People Are Waiting To Elect Him.

If you thought that Governor Baldy…


Was bad, just wait till you get this asshole…



I don’t think in my time in Los Angeles growing up till now, I have ever seen anyone dumber than this asshole and it is backed up by his actions. Sure, he has a nice smile, but that’s about the only thing nice I can say about this corrupted lying public official. An ex gang banger who still wears gang tattoos and a racist as well. He pouts Latinos first. Now wait you say, you can’t make a statement like that. I am Latino in heritage so yes I can and will. If he had stayed true to his wife and kids as a “REAL” family man my respect would have been higher. But this guy besides being the biggest lying sack of crap, has also been caught in scandals such as stadium tickets for favors amongst some and the list of how badly the entire city outskirts is under his and the Dickheads on the L.A. City Council speak volumes. In fact from those running this state into the abyss to the City, it all sucks bigtime. Don’t believe me, just walk the streets of the L.A. area. Look at the suburbs once nice, filled with thugs toting machine guns and streets, sidewalks that are crumbling. A DWP who gets a raise in rates every quarter now, sometimes more often, so they can cover their junkets and pensions. It is endless and only gets worse.

What Tallywhacker should say to state voters is “come look at L.A.” as his pitch slogan, ending with “I’ll do for the state and you what I did for my family and city.” Because if people are dumb enough to put this filth into office, they will get more crap than they deserve and possibly further lose their state to the thuggish scumbags or worse. This is what Tallywhacker should be doing.

I have always thought this is where a Tallywhacker belongs especially this one.

Mayor Tallywhacker’s Home


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