What Was She Thinking?

I mean really, Lauren Sanchez whom I am a fan of and have stated in the past she is one of the most multi-talented women on TV and should have gone into acting in feature films. Getting involved with Jeff Bezos, really??? A guy who is married??? Seriously??? Why???

She has a husband and three children, been in many avenues of the entertainment business, why for God Sakes throw everything away, it doesn’t make sense?

I mean she is a Christian as she often wheres the cross under her neck, embellishes it, yet commits adultery with Bezos. Throws everything away and for what? Money? Was Bezos better built than hubby? One must ask why? Now I am not trying to rag on Misses Sanchez as I have always respected her, but considering she has a husband with three kids, how does she look those children in the eye and explain what is going on and why? And Bezos has a woman who loves him, why destroy this? Doesn’t make sense to me at all.

See, here’s the deal. If she and Bezos were single and divorced, I can easily see this and would wish them both well, I get it, right. But there are kids involved and spouses on both sides of this and those spouses have feelings. They entrusted both Bezos and Sanchez to honor a commitment of a union between the other they engaged and got married to. Adultery is forbidden in the Bible and I might add other religions too and societies in general around the globe.

And so, I am stunned that Lauren Sanchez took this route, it screws up everything in her life. Her marriage and its betrayal, the kids lives, because as they grow up, they will become fully aware their mommy committed adultery.

These things aside, I hope all parties involved in this are able to work out what has happened and move forward. Yes, there probably will be lawsuits and all kinds of new issues and this is a historic blunder mainly on Sanchez part, nevermind Bezos who is already well hated by many in the country. But Lauren who had an angelic reputation, her life will be forever ruined by this and that is what is sad, because she ruined it in a major way that I believe is irreparable for the rest of her life and that is she went right to the top and committed adultery with a person at the top.

I only hope she finds God within her and finds a way to at least make peace within herself. What a shame indeed.


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Part II in my Sexdoll series. CULTURE!

Earlier in my first in a series on the sexdolls and sexbots as a growing trend and how the market has exploded worldwide, I outlined findings about this and discussed the basics of what was happening. In today’s blog post I want to discuss the current culture trends growing around this and how they affect society. My third blog will be the very dark growing trends and side of sexdolls and bots. It’s worse than anyone realizes.

So the first question is will sexdolls replace prostitutes and pornography? Well, there are new sexdoll and sexbot brothels cropping up around the globe and while sexdolls themselves do not compete as well against the real brothel prostitutes that is, human companionship, sexbots will more and more replace the human workers. Right now the sexbots or sex robots are for the most part a head with an animated face and AI and it talks and can carry a conversation, but actual walking and moving sexbots are now on the clear horizon. This will begin to pose a serious problem for prostitutes who have enough with STD’s, whack-job Jons and others like Pimps. Sexdolls alleviate that and on top of that, bots and dolls can work 24/7 without pay, just basic maintenance. In addition the next crop of actual working sexbots are said to have self-cleaning systems to wash out all the bad stuff they take in. So yes, Sex Robots are the future. Not a question of if, but rather, when.

As for traditional pornography it is even worse. I expect that sexdolls alone cut way down on pornography sales, not that people downloading from mega porn movie sites doesn’t already occur, but sexdolls are killing it, and that’s not the only thing being affected. Watch this.

Guys are hamming it up. Sadly there have been many women’s marches and I can identify with much of what they are saying, though as of late many have turned into Hate Trump marches and being lead by Islamic Hate groups as of the most recent ties. White women for example were not allowed in a Northern California women’s march. Am I correct, only women of color are allowed now? It isn’t what it used to be. Then there have been as of late the hate-men marches especially white Christian men at that followed by racism antisemitism and it goes on and on. So sexdolls of realistic quality are filling a long overdue void and sexbots as they become cheaper especially for men, will accelerate this. The guy above is actually a prime example of how doll thinking has changed and when animated sexbots become common and low price, it will accelerate beyond anyone’s wildest expectations globally. So where does this leave women?

Well ladies, there are sexdolls that are men available, yes you heard that right and you can have what you want from them as well. Whereas the female sexdolls are prevalent, the male sexdolls are starting to catch up, so the guy up top may get his harem, but so the ladies options on sexdolls instead of the old vibrator, is catching up as well and for around a grand right now, women can have their own well-built, erhmm, guy or a harem of guys they always wanted to meet, and when more male sexbots arrive, and they are, the ladies will have something equal to the guys, so who are the losers again?

Well, this should kill most of pornography and as they call it “The Other Hollywood” or as Hollywood as it currently is dying is drifting closer too. That means the many young folks looking to become pornstars will have far less opportunity. GOOD!

The next line of losers are the old blowup sexdoll, or as I call them “Poppers”… Used to be a guy mainly bought a blow-up sexdoll and they ranged from $10.00 to around $500.00 or more. The problem was QUALITY! They were made of thin plastic and when some fat bastard hoped on the thin plastic…KABOOM! He was out the money and the doll became instant trash. It got so bad for so many guys they had nowhere to turn. Enter solid sexdolls and solid sexdolls made of TPE and posable for that same $500.00 of old. And so things like the plastic dolls that sometimes ended up better as a swimming pool Betty (pool float) at a party then something enjoyed for sex and they still often popped in the pool. Good riddance to trash crap products, right?

Then there are the tpe half bodies or bodies less the limbs and perhaps head, in other words a sex corpse for the desperate. Those cost around $300.00 so buh bye, their sales are doomed as of this blog posting.

The next big loser is well, err, traditional marriage between a man and a woman. That’s been on the sliding wane since the mid 1970’s, got worse in the 80’s and began really going buh bye in the late 1990’s. Now you can marry a chair if you want, or a relic inflatable doll, isn’t that great? And with the family disappearing so goes the country or world’s human population of humanity as a whole.

Now they can still create test tube babies. Those have been around for decades so maybe humanity can be saved. As for the culture over sexdolls and sexbots, I got a chance to study news replies in comments sections especially in the Drudge app and it seems to be a big mix of everything. Many in the public welcome this with others calling those who like sex dolls and sexbots perverts and everything inbetween. If the guy above is any indication, I believe these are here to stay and not only stay but become the norm in many living quarters. What do you think? Weigh in on the conversation.

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The Jetson’s…need I say more?

Ah the 1960’s when we all had the freedom to think, free speech, to be inventive and bring dreams toward a brighter future. it seems a century away, so long ago, (it really is a century away) when the 21st Century was a bright beacon. Cartoon’s like The Jetson’s and Johnny Quest highlighted such grand ideas. Well, it can be stated that didn’t quite turn out the way many of us thought it would, not with the terrorists now in America being welcomed by the Democratic Party per say. That said, a few days ago I touched on one 21st Century technology essentially realistic women and men sexdolls and now sexbots aka. sex robots. Shades of the mid 70’s sci-fi “West World” and a robot hooker in a saloon, it seems this has come to pass.

Another thing that is actually happening are personal flying vehicles, shades of the cartoon Jetson’s and other flicks of the past. Flying cars, flying bikes all becoming a reality as the 21st Century is truly taking hold. I wanted to touch on this because like the first “X” rated technology, this will also influence and change society and is deserving of a major blog post here. So first and foremost let us watch some of these flying vehicles in action.

While American car companies are selling the latest road machines, look what the Chinese are getting ready to sell.

and these.

and not to be forgotten are motorcycle riders or dare I say fliers.

You watched em, they all fly you to where you want to go, and now here comes the cans of fresh worms. First and foremost these types of vehicles will greatly reduce traffic congestion. Sadly, there will be flying accidents and depending on what the victims were flying in and what it was equipped with, this will certainly determine who walks away and who gets 6 feet of dirt on em. Then there is the job market. Eventually all these flying vehicles will drop substantially in price and batteries will extend range beyond anything anyone had ever imagined. So who gets hurt? Well before we get you to the who let us take a look at a long traditional gasoline powered industry.

So now let us talk about this. Because airplanes and helicopters are going to become much more rare as the giant drones for a lack of a better description, whisk people away. So jobs in traditional aircraft as well especially ground based motorcycles and cars are going to either switch to this new flight technology or rapidly go the way of the horse and buggy.

Further, governments will find relief in that they will not have to maintain roads like they used to, because most people will be up top going from place to place. Supposedly the FAA has been working on plans for all of this in the USA, like they got a border wall nailed to protect the country’s border, and thus is another headache for them. These drones as they develop big ones to carry passengers will easily hop a border wall, not that I’m against building one and fixing immigration, but that is another hot blog topic for another time. So the new form of transportation will definitely present new challenges, industries while killing off older industries. It will certainly be quite interesting indeed to see the sky chases rather then on the ground. One thing that will become safe are animals. With so many animals and pedestrians killed by cars, with reduced road traffic, these statistics will show more people and animals alive. However, drunken fliers will certainly pose a brand new danger and then there is the criminal element.

For example terrorists. Let’s say they load a full sized remote controlled ehang with explosives and send it to visit floor 55 with guests watching from the tall windy terrace as it hovers nearby and then goes BOOM! Worse yet a mini-nuke. Football stadium game. Yes, the future is both grand and dark, much like today’s politics.

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The Sexdoll Market is exploding!!!

When Amazon.com is selling sexdolls, you know this is no longer a big closet secret. And Sexbots or Sex Robots are here too.

Amazon.com Sexdoll for sale

With the technological arrival of TPE Thermo Plastic Elastomer, the older much more expensive $8000.00 solid sexdolls are going to be history fast. That’s because the skin material feels human and is much more flexible. Also a tear can quickly and easily be repaired with TPE glue now readily available. But here is what is driving the market. PRICE!

TPE Solid sexdolls have a steel skeleton, even the cheap ones and the quality of the cheaper one’s rivals what used to cost $8000.00 or more. For example, these dolls are priced now between $500.00 to $2,000.00 and on the women sexdolls you can not only order height, but also the bra cup size you want. Another thing I was very surprised to learn about was the weight. It seems that today’s steel skeleton sexdolls weigh a lot. In fact they weigh the same as most human’s do. For example a sexdoll made of tpe with a steel skeleton a “C” Cup body type female at 5’4″ weighs out at around 90lbs and it can vary too. The taller the model with bigger bust, the more the weight. Sexdolls also more on the woman side than the guy side vary from teens to a full fledged woman. There is also a dark side to the dolls of younger models but that is discussion for another topic as this will yield several blogs.

Now I can just hear all the ladies screaming at me, but scream not ladies. You can get your own cabal of guy sexdolls too and erhmm, order whatever sizes fits best. Oye vey, am I going wild here with this article. The quality seems to vary based on several factors. The hands and particularly the fingers are where you can have quality issues. Also the more expensive $2,000.00 dolls have heads attached to the neck. Cheaper ones under $1,200.00 tend to require you to screw on the head to the neck.

These facts said, the blow up doll market of the $10.00 inflatable are long gone or not far from becoming extinct. This also kills the expensive torso only (no legs, no arms) models, but sexdolls and sexbots are going to do away with other things as well.

Handwriting on the wall

BROTHELS and Hookers. Yes, the world’s oldest profession may well easily be killed by these adult toys. Instead of a lonely guy or gal hiring a Hooker man or woman to do the dirty, they have the sexdoll 24/7 and the initial investment will go a very long way with the TPE dolls and or Sexbots. Another thing this business will start to kill rather fast is PORN.

Think about this for a moment or two. If you have the person of your dreams sitting on your bed or couch or wherever, why are you going to waste time or even money watching a video? Sexdolls like these are going to or have begun killing the time used to watch flicks or buy them.

I mean, sexdolls and sexbots are going to kill:

Prostitution with humans

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Pornography as we know it

and cheaper and more expensive sexdoll markets and this is just really the start with the new TPE sexdolls and Sexbots with their new found AI. Great! So the baddies get banged out of existence, but what about the family and marriage?

Great point! I had a chance to read comments recently after a friend into all of this wild and wacky 21st Tech pointed me to where a discussion was taking place. It seemed the spouses were okay with it, in fact almost all comments made claims this brought marriage relief to partners not up to the task. Others said it helped their relationship a lot. Very few comments were negative from what I read. A very few preached religion and hell, but those seemed shunned rather quickly.

Depending on how you look at it, this could easily relieve RAPES, a horrendous crime perpetrated mostly on women, but in more rare cases against men too. It also could aid in Birth Control. Yes potentially in a negative reduce families, but many families are unplanned these days and occur by malice mixed with an ooops, I forgot the…and there goes the next 20 plus years of life for the two consenting adults, with a kid victim later on. So are there positives, yes and some negatives as well.

From how I see this, the positives outweigh the negatives though everyone will have an opinion on this and those opinions will vary greatly. The future with TPE walking, warm skinned, AI robots that can do more then sex is about here and with them come new changes to the worldwide human population just like flying transportation, space travel, it’s all coming. Pills that cure cancer and just about everything else. So, the big question becomes what is next, and where does it all go?

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The Sheriff Wyler Scott Series To wrap up in 2019.

The original series is going to wrap up on the 12th novel “Homebound” by late 2019. This will leave the following novels in the original Wyler Scott Series.

1978 – “Contact of the Forestry Kin” – Bigfoot!

1983 – “Idyllwild” – Indian Witchman framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

1990 – “The Trail To East Mohave” pursued from the other world.

1995 – “Broken Canyon” – Range War in Northern Arizona.

2005  – “The Chocolate Mountain Murders” – Evil is coming.

2014  – “Tahquitz” – The evil is here. Superdude to the rescue.

2015  – “The June Lake Incident” – The CIA has been opening new doors.

2016 – “CUFFED” – What happens to bad guys.

2017 – “The Tale of Two Berdoos” – The sun goes supernova. Buh Bye Earth!

2018 – “Ciera” – Yes, we are 58,000 light years away.

2019 – “Cahuilla Country” Mid year (Ancient Indian Village)

2019 – “Homebound” Holiday Season (The end or new beginnings)

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Get well soon Jillian Barberie.

While in my GDLA Blogs I was quite critical of Jillian Reynolds performance and erhhhm, Dorothy Luuuuuucey’s, that was basically addressing a product that were both defective and I did so as a customer. Much worse was posted online elsewhere by an unrelenting public. That said, please let me explain my criticisms.

Celebrities are a product. Yes personally they are people too, have feelings and many are hurt by the negativity, some may even contemplate suicide. This is just a sad fact. But celebrities are living on a much higher order than the average citizen of a country and thus are also held to a different standard in just about everything they do or lack thereof.

Celebrities are also a commercial marketing product and this is where my criticisms came in. Jillian Barberie for all intents and purposes in front of the camera is a product. Thus as a viewer, I am a customer. If I am being given a defective product, as a customer I have every right to complain or comment. I will cite an example.

Let’s say Jillian buys a new pair of shoes and the heel fell off, causing a nail to drive into the bottom of her foot, you know the nails, they sometimes use to pound a custom heel onto the bottom sole of the shoe. She as a customer would have every right to complain about the product.

Likewise if a celebrity performer is performing wrong, then as a customer a viewer has the right to complain. It’s nothing really personal especially since in my case I have never met Jillian, though I used to pass close by on Wells Drive in Tarzana on my errands for a friend living in Tarzana Hills. That said, I am sure she is the very quiet, sweet, nice mom taking care of her family she has been said to be. Completely wild on the media (many usually are), but also very opposite at the home life (as it has been rumored online) and I can jive with that, honestly. Raising a family and doing what she has, leaves very little for one to slow down and make the most out of life. And let me tell all of you, as you grow older, life moves much faster. You hear this all the time. Trust me, it’s real.

I cannot imagine the panic, fear and depression that she must have been experiencing, or experienced; as Breast Cancer is a horrible disease and like any life-threatening illness, nobody and I mean nobody should suffer it.

So now that I have had a chance to explain things better, here is what I want to say to Mrs. Jillian Barberie – personally. Besides my prayer for her to get well, I honestly think she will bounce back and be a bigger and better celebrity and especially mom and stronger person for it. God Bless her comeback and well being. May she find the right venue to go completely wild in the media once more.

American Author and Poet “Mark Paul” Sebar

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Liberal Vape Employee Attacks Customer. Who’s to blame.

Here, before you read on, watch this first and be aware it has violence and strong language, not suitable for younger persons.

Okay so who is to blame for this? Let’s start at the top. Let’s start with the head of the NWO Globalists and I am not talking the Rothchilds, nope. This has been done by one family organizing the NWO violently to kill off the world’s population in mass genocide starting with Western countries first, and particularly targeted against Caucasians or whites, particularly males and either Christians or secondarily Jews. So who has organized funded and set this in motion?

Well, today I must squarely lay blame at the Soros Family as a whole. It actually has been going on for a long time, but never this bad. Once the Soros’s got involved, things kicked into fast high gear for the brainwashing of college hate against the country, mainly turning college kids particularly white kids against the country. If you watch the protests, who is participating they are mainly white people. Yes there are others such as the caravans and Illegal Aliens mainly Latinos, and there are elevated black commentators and politicians who are liberal and fan the flames. But the Soros Crime Family has gained ownership of the media (Broadcast News, TV Networks, Print News, Hollywood, Internet Companies, Banking Establishments, about half or more of the federal government) in just the USA. Then there are foreign countries that they own as well, same roadmap, different place. France, Germany, Sweden, England and the list goes on and on and on. In fact while not the wealthiest person on Earth, the Soros have more control and accountability for the world’s collapse into evil and darkness, mass genocide than anyone else. You can say I am way out there, but they have attacked Alex Jones and the Infowar gang, Dr. Michael Savage, helped Blaze to kill CRTV, have killed all MSM and currently have control of most of FOX thanks to the Murdoch sons. Our economy up and down, Soros has had a big hand in this too. Oh and if you blame Soros, you are anti Semitic, that’s right, he is Jewish, even though he turned Hungarian Jews in to the Nazis during WWII at the young tender age of 13 years old. Claimed on CBS the best times of his life was with the Nazis there in Hungary. So on one hand uses Judaism to hide behind when attacked, then turned and killed Jews. Can you love a better devil than this guy and his kids are even worse from what talk around the net has stated. Like for example.

Oldest son Alexander Soros runs “Antifa” and the Soro’s are behind election fraud reinstalling the Dems to Congress. George Soros told Donald Trump he will be removed. Why aren’t the Soros’s arrested already and the dismantling of the Globalist NWO under these devils started? I keep asking, meanwhile, what to expect as things go forward. Okay, let us take a look.

The Dems pushed by the Soros’s are going to attempt to impeach and remove President Trump, as well as pick off his cabinet members. This will cause POTUS to either fold or fight which I suspect he will do and rather harshly. In America the possibility will increase greatly towards a shooting civil war with what you see in the video above. It will be mean, vicious and bloody and rest assured the communists will lose. If China interferes they will find a WW3 on their hands, and I don’t think they want that because everything Chinese would be wiped out. In that case, the Russians might side with Trump over China. They are a Christian white mostly nation and they practice capitalism. It has been the Soros pushed NWO Dems and Media trying to get the USA, Russia and China into a global war to kill off humanity while the head elite globalists hide out in their New Zealand Bunkers. Guess what, one Russian Satan nuke or USA nuke can remove New Zealand faster than a ground gnat buried in cow puckee. It just needs be dropped and the NWO Globalists will die in those bunkers as their resources run out and they are forced topside into radiation. Best advice to President Trump. Start by using the military to get mass round ups of these elite going starting with the Soros’s, followed by the Clinton’s, Rothchilds, Obamas and their handlers and others like Steyer, Bloomberg and the rest of these COMMUNAIRES, hang every one of these murderers which is what they all are, and then go after the mentally insane like the store clerk above and arrest them to for the next 50 years. That should do it.

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